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Professional Development Specialist

The Training and Technical Assistance Professional Credential (TTAP) is the most rigorous component of the state's process for approving early childhood trainers and is awarded by the New York Association for the Education of Young Children (NYAEYC). Trainers who have earned the credential have had experience working with children and families, experience providing professional development, as well as an education that is specific to early childhood education. 


Eligibility Criteria

  • Active Aspire Profile
  • Minimum of an Associates degree
  • Experience working in early childhood education
  • Experience delivering professional development

Application Process

  1.   Join The Aspire Registry and create an Aspire Profile.
  2.   Submit an online Intent to Apply form on the NYAEYC website.   
  3.   Complete the Professional Development Specialist portfolio and review process.


Higher Education Faculty

Early Childhood Higher Education Faculty employed or retired in a department of child development, early childhood education, or an education-related field at a nationally or regionally accredited higher education institution are eligible to provide professional development on General Early Childhood Content outside the auspices of an accredited institution of higher education. For a searchable list of nationally and regionally accredited institutions, visit


Eligibility Criteria

  • Employed or retired in a department of child development

Application Process

  1. Join The Aspire Registry and an Aspire Profile.
  2. Submit a professional CV or resume to The Aspire Registry.
  3. Submit a letter from the institution of higher learning verifying full-time faculty employment to Aspire (this may include a dean, department chair, HR department)


Trainer Credential Resources:



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