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Appeal Process

Members of The Aspire Registry have the right to appeal a decision made in the registry system if they have cause to believe that a course (or multiple courses) on a transcript was not approved or wrongly categorized, and/or they do not agree with the Career Ladder Level they received.

If an appeal needs to be made, The Aspire Registry member must follow the following steps:

  1. Fill out the Appeal Form and provide specific information about what you are contesting.
  2. Attach to the Appeal Form any suggested documents that support your appeal. Please note we encourage you to read the Supporting Documentation Guidelines before submitting the appeal form.
    • In cases where the appeal involves credit bearing coursework on an official transcript, the member will be required to submit both a course description and syllabus from the college or university, or a letter from the institution describing the focus of the coursework.
  3. After the appeal is submitted with the supporting documentation, it will be reviewed by The Aspire Registry Administrator.  The Aspire member will be notified with a decision within two weeks.
    • If there is a determination that the appeal includes valid documentation and information that justifies a recalculation of the Career Ladder Level, the new level will be assigned and a certificate will be updated before the member is notified of the findings.
    • If the appeal is rejected, the participant has the right to a second appeal.  At this point the appeal and supporting documentation will be reviewed by The Aspire Registry Coding Committee and Advisory Group. The Aspire Registry member will be notified with a decision within two weeks.

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