Partner Message Board

New York Works for Children is happy to share the following messages on behalf of our partners and sponsors.

DOHMH Permitted Day Care Programs

Effective July 1, 2017, and aligned with permit renewal, all  DOHMH permitted day care centers are required to create and maintain active organization accounts in The Aspire Registry.  Programs will receive direct communication from The Aspire in the months leading up to your permit renewal inviting you to an in-person training. 

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Are you on an OCFS approved Plan of Study or manage someone who is?

The OCFS Plan of Study policy was updated in May 2018.

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Important information for OCFS licensed programs

As a result of emergency regulations, all child care directors, teachers, and caregivers must complete health and safety training by September 30, 2017.  For details, please read the OCFS March 2017 ‘Dear Provider’ letter for more information about the Foundations in Health and Safety e-Learning training.  This five-hour, online course is available at no cost to you.