Career Pathways

New York Works for Children is committed to connecting you to professional development that will help you to grow your practice and remain a part of the early childhood workforce in New York State.  Our colleagues at The Institute’s Career Development Center offer valuable resources to help guide you in your career.  See below for some of the great resources that they offer.

Career Pathways in Early Childhood Education

Explore the various career paths available to people interested in having an impact in the lives of young children.

Career Path Survey

This assessment tool can provide guidance as you consider pursuing a career in early childhood education.  Completing the survey questions can help you assess and reflect on your interests and goals and align those with 1 of 5 possible career patterns for working with children.

Approved Teacher Preparation Programs

If you plan to work in early childhood centers, it is important to enroll in a degree program that prepares you to apply for NYS teacher certification.  Visit this page to find a higher education program registered with the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

Career Development Center is an initiative under the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute.  In addition to the resources listed above, Career Development Center also provides free, comprehensive career development services to all current and aspiring early childhood professionals in New York City.