Policies & Procedures

The Aspire Registry has policies and procedures in place to meet the needs of the early care and education workforce. They adhere to national standards for registry systems, and are congruent with state and city childcare regulations and federal directives.

Appeal Process

Aspire Members have the right to appeal certain information in their Aspire Profiles.  We encourage members to review their profiles periodically so that we can work together to keep accurate information.

Members of The Aspire Registry have the right to appeal a decision made in the registry system regarding their individual professional profiles. Please read the following instructions before submitting an appeal:

To file an appeal, complete the Appeal Form and provide specific information about what you are contesting. Attach any suggested documents that support your appeal. Please note we encourage you to read the Supporting Documentation Guidelines before submitting the appeal form. After your appeal is submitted with the supporting documents, it will be reviewed by The Aspire Registry Administrator. You will be notified with a decision within two weeks*.

Appeals may be expedited to within 3 business days for applicants working at QUALITYstarsNY or NAEYC/NAFCC accredited program.

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New York State is Partners in Employment Reporting (PER) approved as a result of
The Aspire Registry's ability to maintain quality standards for workforce data collection and reporting.

Confidentiality and Data Privacy

The Aspire Registry is committed to keeping your information private and secure. To set up an account with The Aspire Registry, we ask that you provide your name, birth date, and the last five digits of your Social Security Number to make sure that your log-in is unique. The profile you create on The Aspire Registry will maintain the information that you share about your education and employment history (including any licenses, credentials, certifications that you hold), your professional memberships and contributions, and your professional development activities (training).

All information provided on The Aspire Registry that can be connected to you personally (Personally Identifiable Information) will only be used for the purposes of maintaining your account (including verification of educational and employment history) and to comply with federal, state and local agencies or officials as required.

The Aspire Registry may disclose personal information if required by law or in the good faith belief that it is necessary to do so as required by or permitted by law, to protect the rights or property of The Aspire Registry or the safety of The Aspire Registry users, New York Works for Children websites, or the public. (For example, The Aspire Registry may share personal information to protect against fraud or to service your account.)

All account holders in The Aspire Registry are required to accept the Terms and Conditions.

Fraudulent Information Policy

The Aspire Registry reserves the right to investigate any suspected fraud. The Aspire Registry staff, at their discretion, may require additional documentation that they believe is pertinent to verify any information provided prior to completing the application process. Those who are found to have given fraudulent information to the registry will be reported to licensing and all pertinent stakeholders. The Aspire Registry reserves the right to inform city and state regulatory agencies of all fraudulent documentation submission.
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Right to Refuse Services

The Aspire Registry reserves the right to refuse services if the applicant’s behavior is deemed harassing, including verbal aggression in person, by email, phone, or voice mail towards The Aspire Registry staff. The Aspire Registry reserves the right to inform city and state regulatory agencies and other stakeholders about this action.

Grievance Policy

If you feel you have been treated unfairly or feel policies and procedures have not been followed by The Aspire Registry staff, you have the right to air grievances in a timely manner and an appeal process may be necessary.  If you have worked with The Aspire Registry staff and you are not satisfied, you have the right to escalate your concern and contact The Aspire Registry Administrator directly at diana.diaz@nyworksforchildren.org.

Documentation Submission

It is important to keep your profile up-to-date.  Before submitting new documentation you must first update the information online in your Aspire Profile and submit your changes. 
Read more about our Documentation Submission policy.

Documentation Rights

Whenever an application and/or supporting documentation is submitted for processing, the documents become the property of The Aspire Registry. No applications or supporting documentation will be returned to the applicant at any time.

Only documentation deemed necessary for the processing of applications and forms, requested specifically by The Aspire Registry, and/or relevant to program operations will be retained. This documentation may include applications, forms, professional résumés, educational documentation, and training certificates and records that meet policy guidelines as stated. Documentation deemed not necessary by requirements listed above will be destroyed in a manner that adheres to The Aspire Registry Confidentiality Policy and will not be returned to participant once received.

Documentation Required for Verification

After you have submitted the online portion of your Aspire Profile, you will receive an email with a list of supporting documents you will need to send to The Aspire Registry.  We use these documents to verify each of the accomplishments listed on your profile.
Read more about some of the documents you may be asked to submit.