Partner Message Board

New York Works for Children is happy to share the following messages on behalf of our partners and sponsors.

Here is some important information to share with families, as NYS is reaching less than 50% of eligible women, infants and children:

If your income has been affected by recent events, and you are pregnant or have a child younger than 5 years old, WIC can help provide nutritious foods and resources to keep your growing family healthy. WIC helps non-maternal caregivers, who can apply for WIC for children under age 5 in their care, too. Call your local WIC agency to determine what changes have been made in response to COVID-19. Many agencies will set up a phone call to conduct your appointment. WIC benefits are now provided electronically on an eWIC card and can be purchased in more than one shopping trip.

Click here for information and resources (English and Spanish) you can share with families.


Are you on an OCFS approved Plan of Study or manage someone who is?

As of 1/1/19, all existing and future Plans of Study for directors and group teachers must be uploaded into the program’s Facility Application and Management System (FAMS) account. Regulators will be notified by email when documentation has been uploaded to FAMS. Approved plans of study and documentation demonstrating continuous progress must be updated and uploaded at least annually.  Regulators will be able to monitor continuous progress within FAMS.  Programs may contact their regional office for assistance.


DOHMH Permitted Day Care Programs

Effective July 1, 2017, and aligned with permit renewal, all  DOHMH permitted day care centers are required to create and maintain active organization accounts in The Aspire Registry.  Programs will receive direct communication from The Aspire in the months leading up to your permit renewal inviting you to an in-person training. 

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